Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How to Save $200-$400 a Month on Your Grocery Bill

My name is Mike and I am a Meat Cutter by Trade. I am here to show you how to save hundereds of dollars on your monthly grocery bill. I have been doing this for years, now it is your turn, and I will show you how.

The cost of meat is rising dramatically and with the new pre-cut, pre-packaged meat showing up today the price is likely to keep going up. I remember when you could buy a rib-eye steak for $2.99/lb. and today it is more than double that. Beef, Pork and Chicken are mainstays at the kitchen table but most people opt to choose lesser grades or cuts to save money.

If I could show you a way to buy your meat, at your local meat shop, in bulk and cut it yourself at home and save hundereds, would you be interested. In my book, I show you just how to do this and more. Instead of buying boneless pork chops a few times a month, why not buy a whole boneless pork loin, cut your own chops and save nearly $3.00/lb in the process. This is only one example of how I teach you to cut your own meat, at the kitchen counter, and save big $$$$$.

Check out these couple of actual picutures from my book. These are the types of items I teach you to cut in minutes at home.

I teach you how to cut two of the most popular pork items, the easiest and most versatile beef item, and also how to cut your own whole roaster chickens and turkeys in minutes. There are over 70 pages, with 73 color photos and written instructions of me teaching you how to cut these items. If that is not enough, I also give you 18 of our families favorite recipes to use with your meat cuts. All this for an extrememly low price.

Until our website is up and runnning, I am offering my e-book on E-Bay at an introductory price for a limited time. Follow the link below to purchase my book and start saving today. The book is an immediate digital delivery, so once it is paid for, it is there for you to download to your computer.


I know you are probably skeptical, but if I can teach my mother-in-law how to cut her own steaks, chops, roasts and other favorites, I know I can teach you. Check it out, I guarantee you will save big $$$$$$.

Sincerely Mike Witt